Book Review||Born a Crime

Last month, I read the book 'Born a Crime' and let me just say this - it was an awesome read. Biographies, auto or otherwise, have recently become one of my favorite genres of books to read. Not only because I get to read about (and learn from) people’s lives, how they grew up and …

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Are you your spec’s spec?

Recently, I saw a friend's status with the following statement - 'Are you the person the person you are looking for is looking for?' which in simpler terms is asking - 'Are you your spec's spec?'. Seeing that, I remembered a post I wrote for one of my friend's blog a couple of years back …

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On getting a housemanship placement

Welcome back to my space. 😀 So in my last post, I wrote about how I occupied myself post-graduation/pre-housemanship. This post is about how I got my housemanship placement in a place I never would have thought of. I started my housemanship programme in October 2018, about 3 months after I was officially inducted into …

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